K9 Services

Optimum Defense Services offers a variety of canine solutions, in support of security operations for government agencies, law enforcement, and the private sector. We offer real world solutions, for our clients, in the training, staffing and recruiting of highly trained detection canines and handlers.

Our highly experienced and vetted canine detection and training teams allow us to rapidly introduce and sustain canine operations in complex high-threat environments worldwide. They provide decades of real world experience serving with elite military and law enforcement units to deliver dynamic, performance-oriented, goal driven, individual and group training and security solutions based on the needs of our client.

Some of our curriculum includes:

  • K9 training for dogs and handlers
  • Operational support
  • Development and management
  • Certified handlers and instructors
  • Purchasing of dogs and equipment
  • Sweeps and Patrol


For more information: jodell@optimumdefenseservices.com