Security Operations

Optimum Defense Services is a dynamic professional provider of security services in high-threat environments and remote locations worldwide in support of our client’s operations. We provide self-motivated, task driven, professional services to protect personnel, infrastructure and critical assets. Optimum Defense Services strives to facilitate our customer’s operations by supporting our clients and their organizational objectives with industry leading customer service. Our professional security specialists are experts in a variety of weapons, counterterrorism, explosives, special operations, training, security analysis and planning, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. Understanding the sensitivity of working across cultural boundaries, coupled with highly skilled professionals, allows us to provide our client with dynamic security teams capable of reacting to a fluid security environment. Optimum Defense Services can provide experienced and vetted security teams, for both static and mobile security, to any client’s project.

Some of our curriculum includes:

  • Facility protection and security
  • Mobile security detail
  • Executive security
  • Driver services
  • Operational support