Law Enforcement Training

As the threat of violence and crime increases in our world, it also changes in our communities. Law Enforcement must be able to recognize and respond swiftly and effectively. Optimum Defense Services understands this ever-changing environment and can help with developing your solutions. Optimum Defense Services offers the most advanced tactics and techniques taught by certified and competent instructors. From serving our country overseas, training law enforcement around the world, to serving our local communities, Optimum Defense Services brings that experience to your agency. We can offer several courses, from a wide range of disciplines, to include various firearms courses, K-9 instruction
to medical courses. Specially designed courses, tailored to meet your agencies needs, can be designed upon request.
Optimum Defense Services wants to help you protect your agencies most valuable resource, your officers. Contact us today and let us help you.

Training Courses:

      • Advanced Pistol (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Tactical Pistol
      • Advanced Patrol Rifle (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Tactical Patrol Rifle
      • Advanced Shotgun
      • Tactical Shotgun
      • Advanced K9 Training
      • Tactical K9 Training
      • Introduction to the AK-47 (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • React to Ambush
      • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Tactical Emergency Care For the Road Officer (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Defensive Tactics (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Handcuffing and Searching (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Human Trafficking: Identify and Investigate (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Officer Safety and Tactical Mindset (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Trial Preparation for Prosecution (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Use of Force (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Criminal Patrol Techniques and Concealment Methods (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Courtroom Testimony for Road Officers (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Generational Differences: Leading the New Age of LEOs (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Active Threat Response (SCCJA Accredited course)
      • Courthouse Security Preparedness (SCCJA Accredited course)

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