What’s your Home Defense Plan?

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January 22, 2017
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What’s your Home Defense Plan?

home invasion plan

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What’s your home defense plan?

If a home intruder decides to make his way into your home, it’s not going to be when you’re sitting at the kitchen table having dinner with your family. If you’re at home, you’ll likely be asleep, disoriented and scared at the unfamiliar sounds of a window breaking or the house alarm going off. The FBI reports 38% of the assaults that are reported to law enforcement officials happen during the events of a home invasion, which suggests intruders are brazen and dangerous. Criminals have a plan when they break into your home, so you need to stay one step ahead to be able to protect your family with a self-defense strategy of your own.

Make It A Family Plan

Having a home defense strategy doesn’t work if you’re the only one with the information. Sit down with your partner or other adults in your home to make sure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to protecting one another. Establish who will call police, if you should move through the home or stay in one room until police arrive, and always equip yourself with the basics of self-defense.

Family Protection With A Weapon

Owning a gun that you keep tucked away “just in case,” will not come in handy if you don’t know how to use it in your moment of need. If you own a gun, it’s critical to have the knowledge and training that comes with a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. An SC CWP class is mandated by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division for anyone interested in getting a permit. During the course you can expect to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner. You’ll also be trained and tested in shooting your firearm.

The 8-hour course will come in handy if you’re ever faced with a home intruder. You’ll have an understanding of how you can legally protect yourself and will know how to handle the gun if confronted with that dangerous situation.

Beyond The Gun Permit

If you home defense plan calls for knowing more than the basics, or if you simply want to feel prepared in a potentially life-threatening situation, there are numerous Myrtle Beach firearms training courses to consider. Optimum Defense Services, located in Georgetown, SC, offers self-defense training, shooting scenarios that are much more realistic than shooting at a paper target, and qualified personnel who offer one-on-one training.

Maneuver through courses with surprise attacks that force you to take cover behind different objects, and train you with how to handle a deadly situation with your mind, not your muscle memory.

Defend With A Purpose

Owning a gun and acting responsibly with that weapon is a huge responsibility. Having a home defense plan in place will support you in reacting as practiced and not blindly firing your weapon when it’s not necessary.